Title: Academic exchanges regarding teaching English and Deaf Studies with an online multimedia platform
British Council: UK-China Partnership Innovation Challenge Fund Project (from Jan. 2016 to Dec. 2018)

Project coordination team: Academic staff from the BSL&Deaf Studies course and the International Institute for Sign Languages & Deaf Studies at University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England (UCLan)

Project partner: Zhongzhou University’s Special Education College, Zhengzhou, China (ZZU)
Zhongzhou University (ZZU) in China is a comprehensive university, established in 1980 by the Zhengzhou City Government. With China Ministry of Education approval, its Special Education College was launched in 2002, has enrolled the largest number of deaf students in China and has run the first Chinese Sign Language Interpreter Degree course.

Project aims:
This project provides academic exchanges for lecturers in China and the UK to collaborate regarding teaching English, Chinese culture and Deaf Studies in transnational cross-cultural contexts. We generate course content in English and Deaf Studies through a multimedia online platform, and explore its potential for future enhancement and joint research.

Project summary:
This project provides seed funding for UK-China Deaf Studies academic exchanges, based on 6 lecturers from ZZU exchanging with 6 lectures from UCLan. We will create an online platform for Chinese Sign Language-based teaching of English (primary objective) and topics in Deaf Studies (secondary objective, via Deaf Studies course content incorporated into the platform).
The lecturers from ZZU visit UCLan in 2016 and survey the BSL/Deaf Studies, English and Education courses and online course materials, and learn some BSL. They will learn how to create multimedia materials in both English text and sign language at UCLan and, in return, will give lectures in Chinese Deaf culture. They will also showcase Chinese cultural art work.
The UCLan lecturers visit ZZU during 2017-2018, observe deaf students being taught English, and moderate the multimedia teaching materials that the Chinese lecturers will have created. The UCLan lecturers offer training seminars and the ZZU lecturers demonstrate teaching English with sign language and the online platform. Both parties undertake joint research on use of the platform
The 2018 visit involves cascading the online platform to other universities in China via a dissemination symposium to share information and materials on teaching English to Deaf students in Higher Education.

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